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If you need junk removed, you'll want to get in touch with Junk Hogg. From residential to commercial properties and more, our experts always work safely, ensuring removes your unwanted belongings as well as single item removal services, property clean outs. For more info get in touch with us @ 419-405-3115 also efax us @ 1-877-777-4551 email us at [email protected] if you need something taken care of. Thank you for choosing Junk Hogg!

Hogg Safety

Here at Junk Hogg we believe safety begins with teamwork. Our Hogg professionals use a range of modern tools and heavy-duty equipment to safely remove junk without leaving debris behind. We also take care to respect your wishes, so we deliver an efficient and cost-effective service across every job we take on.

Hogg Professionals

Our experienced team of service experts are insured and trained in safely demolishing, removing debris, and confronting a wide range of projects. Don’t be foolish and begin dangerous work yourself, a sledge hammer typically will do the trick but may require more. Junk Hogg is here to ensure you receive a quality service for both residential and commercial properties 


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