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Hogg's Mission

Whether you need junk removed, lawn care, a garage safely demolished or you're working on a project that needs some demolition, you'll want to get in touch with Junk Hogg. From residential to commercial properties and more, our experts always work safely, ensuring we don’t damage any gas lines or electrical infrastructures. Junk Hogg removes your unwanted belongings as well as single item removal services. We also have a multi service platform that includes a roadside service, vehicle lock out service, tree branch removal, dump truck service, interior & exterior painting, home remodeling, home repair, property clean outs, and hogg buys houses. So whatever your needs are within our scope we will surely fit them. For more info get in touch with us @ 1-877-405-HOGG(4644) also efax us @ 1-877-777-4551 email us at [email protected] if you need something taken care of. Thank you for choosing Junk Hogg!

Hogg Safety

Here at Junk Hogg we believe safety begins with teamwork. Our Hogg professionals use a range of modern and heavy-duty equipment to safely remove junk, demolish structures, and remodel as well repair without causing any further damage to your property. We also take care to respect your wishes, so we deliver an efficient and cost-effective service across every job we take on.

Hogg Professionals

Our experienced team of service experts are insured and trained in safely demolishing, removing debris, and confronting a wide range of projects. Don’t be foolish and begin dangerous work yourself, a sledge hammer typically will do the trick but may require more. Junk Hogg is here to ensure you receive a quality service for both residential and commercial properties 


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All services
Hogg's Services

Hogg's Services

Junk Removal Service

Do you have a lot of stuff that you want gone? Do you want a single item removed? Here at Junk Hogg we can assist you …

Demolition Service

Our Demolition Services start out at $6 per sq ft. So depending on what your tearing down, usually garages, sheds, old …

Lawn Care Service

We have a lawn care service like no other but I will let you be the judge of that. We spend time on quality when it …

$25 starting
Hogg Buys Houses

You have a house that your ready to let go? Well Junk Hogg will buy your house from you! 

Vehicle Lockout Service

Prices start at $40. If this is an emergency call 419-405-3115

Property Clean Out Service

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